Walk-On Trailer


Here at Pitmaker, we do many styles of “Walk-On” BBQ Trailers, as well as our “Walk-Around” style of BBQ Trailer. This gallery shows the making of a “Walk-On” style competition bbq trailer for our good customers and friends, the Dodge City Cookers.

We started with 20 ft long, double-axle trailer that we welded a skirt to and a heavy-duty frame to support the roof and awnings. We also reinforced the base and frame to support the extra weight. With the roof frame on, we then painted with primer and added electrical conduit, lights and outlets to power the trailer. We also welded the fold-up awing frames in place.

The Dodge City Cookers wanted some nice stainless steel preparation tables and wanted us to install a counter in the nose as well so they could mount a double stainless steel sink. We obliged them and made heavy duty steel frames for the tables that we could wrap with some steel cabinetry in the future as team’s budget allows. There are still additions to this trailer planned in two phases over the next year or so.

For BBQ Pits, the Dodge City Cookers decided to go with two all stainless steel versions of our BBQ Vault smoker pits. These are our double-walled insulated vertical pits that cook extremely efficiently. These pits are a very good choice for a walk-on BBQ Trailer, because they leak absolutely no smoke. If you’ve ever been on a walk-on BBQ trailer with a roof, you know how crucial this can be! Once we piped the smoke stack through the roof, there was absolutely no smoke in the trailer, which made for a comfortable environment to produce some competition-level BBQ cooking!

Whether it’s a competition BBQ Trailer for throwing massive cook-offs, or a catering trailer, or a concession style BBQ trailer that you need spec’d out to pass local health code, we can build your BBQ Trailer for you. We can lay out the frame, cooking gear, and tables to your specifications. Call or email your specifications to us and we’ll be happy to quote you and help you with design and layout.