Stock #: PM-Revolver-20×32

Many might wonder why we would start making a pipe-style smoker now in our company history. We have actually made many styles of smokers over the years, and many types of offset pipe style smokers. Traditionally, we have had the tenet that forming steel into the shape we want, instead of re-purposing pipe was superior in our eyes in the design of a smoker.

However, because of the less labor involved by utilizing the pre-formed material of the pipe in the construction of the Hitman, Pitmaker is now able to bring to market an awesome entry level smoker with high-end enthusiast features at a price point that is unbeatable.

We use only virgin, brand new pipe steel that has only been stored indoors and never exposed to corrosion from weather. Constructed out of ¼” plate steel, the Hitman 48 is extremely durable and ready for any job. Take a look at some of these features that set us apart from our competition.

In the construction of all Pitmaker smokers you will find:

  • Solid Stainless Firebox Air Dampers
  • Solid Stainless Precision Hinges (To counteract the wear and tear of metal grinding on metal)
  • Solid Stainless Handles

Starting At: $2,395.00


*20” x 32” Main Cooking Chamber with 2 Levels of Cook Grate Space

Dimensions Below:
Bottom Grate Surface area: 28” x 19″, and Upper Grate area: 28” x 11” = 840 Sq. Inches of Cooking Grate Space!

Standard Features
  • Slide-Out Cooking Grates – (Included!)
  • Fold-Up Front Shelf! – (Included!)
  • Solid Stainless Air Dampers on Firebox (For a lifetime of corrosion free use.)
  • Solid 1/4″ Thick Steel on the Cooking Chamber
  • Fully Seam-Welded Flanged Lids (Not Stitch-Welded!)
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Chamber Hinges and Hinge Sleeves
  • 5/8” Solid Stainless Handle Rods with Stainless “Cool-to-Touch” Handles
  • Slide-Out Firegrate
  • Cooking Chamber Multi-Function use as Water Reservoir
  • 4 Heavy Duty 4 Casters with Lubricating Points for Easy Moving
  • Stainless Front Shelf (vs Standard Expanded Front Shelf Below) – $200
  • Ball Valve Drain – $30