PM AR-20 Pellet

Stock #: PM-PELLET-AR-20×32

Special Introductory Price – $2395! Featuring a 1/4″ steel thick cooking chamber, the AR-20 Pellet smoker from Pitmaker is one of the most heat-retentive and strongest pellet grills in the bbq industry. We also feature solid stainless steel hinges for the best wear and tear durability. Set it, and forget it ease of use, with the best PID Pellet hopper/PID Controller in the market. Easy cooking outdoors with smoke, without all of the clean up or babysitting of other types of grills.

Not only do we urge you to compare our design and craftsmanship (such as quality of welds, paint, and tightness of seals), but we strongly urge you to compare the Standard Included Features on our Pitmaker AR-20 Pellet Smoker to any other pellet smoker out there. You will find that Pitmaker has the best features and build quality for the price point of anyone.

Starting At: $2,395.00


*20” x 36” Main Cooking Chamber with 2 Levels of Cook Grate Space

Dimensions Below:
Bottom Grate Surface area: 32” x 22”, and Upper Grate area: 32” x 16” = 1216 Sq. Inches of Cooking Grate Space!

Standard Features
  • Strong, 1/4″ Thick Cooking Chamber
  • Fold up Steel Shelf, nice big surface for plates and pans (that folds down for getting though doorways)
  • Pellet Pro Hopper/Feeder System with PID Controller (Best in the Industry)
  • Tel-Tru Factory Calibrated Accurate Thermometer
  • Slide-Out Cooking Grates – (Included!)
  • Dual Baffle Plate Above Heat Pot – For Clean and Easy Smoking Meat – (Included!)
  • 1-1/4″ Ball Valve Drain for Easy Cleanup – (Included!)
  • Fully Seam-Welded Flanged Lids (Not Stitch-Welded!)
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Chamber Hinges
  • 5/8” Solid Stainless Handle Rods with Stainless “Cool-to-Touch” Handles
  • 11 Gauge Steel Baffle Plate doubled with 11 Gauge Steel Drip Plate for easy cleanup and great heat distribution
  • Heavy Duty 7″” Casters for Easy Moving
  • Stainless Steel Top Upgrade for fold shelf above – $200