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 Color Chart
BBQ Trailer/Pit Color/Graphics Options

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Here at Pitmaker, we can custom paint all of our BBQ Vaults, BBQ Safes, and BBQ Trailer frames. We start by hand-finishing and grinding our P & O treated virgin steel down to a high polish and then giving them a thinner wash to remove any impurities. We then coat them with a high quality zinc epoxy primer before hand-spraying the frame with auto enamel.

We can paint your BBQ Trailer any color you want, and we have the ability to custom paint color schemes and hand-airbrush graphics.

We can also paint your BBQ Trailer two-tone or multi-tone colors upon request. We have matched many cooking team, sports teams, and company color schemes.

Below we have loaded a simple video and a photo gallery showing our basic color choices chart. The reason we have made a video as well as taken multiple pictures of the same chart in our photo gallery to the above right, is because of the difficult nature of accurately depicting metal flake colors on a back lit LCD monitor or in digital photograph. Hopefully by showing this chart in a scanned, multi-angle and video format our customers can get an idea of what the colors in the chart actually represent in person.

Photo Gallery

We can do specialty two-stage and three stage paint colors as well. Feel free to inquire about any color scheme you have in mind. We have done company-themed trailers as well as special Competition BBQ Team colors. Please feel free to inquire about other custom colors.

We also have the ability to do custom vinyl graphics and air-brushing. If you have a particular company or team logo in mind, we can get it printed and/or painted on your BBQ Pit Trailer proudly.

Mouse over the thumbnail photos to the top right to get an example of different colors on one of our BBQ Trailer frames.
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