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 Outdoor Kitchen Pits
Outdoor Kitchen BBQ SAFE

Outdoor Kitchen BBQ SAFE
Built in BBQ Safe Smokers!
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Here are some examples of our awesome award-winning BBQ Safe Smokers built into outdoor kitchens! Also called summer kitchens, when the design calls for adding a smoker into your outdoor cooking getaway, the BBQ Safe is the perfect solution! Whatever layout and design of your island or cabinetry, we can accommodate you here with a custom built with a custom built BBQ Safe smoker pit here at Pitmaker.

The BBQ Safe is best solution for building into a stone, brick, tile, or even wood island outdoors, because of its totally insulated construction. It also completely seals in the smoke and heat when in use, so you won't be smoking out yourself or your guests.

Whats more, whatever your layout, we can custom-build to suit. Whether you need the drain and air damper on either side, or if you need the doors to open left to right, or right to left, we can make it happen. We can also build solid stainless steel smoke stack extensions to take through roof structures or just to elevate that exhaust a little further away from you and your guests.

We can also accommodate most decors and designs with the ability to custom paint the BBQ Safe in a wide variety of colors.

For extreme durability and low maintenance, or full exposure to the elements, we are also able to build our BBQ Safe in solid stainless steel.

Please check some of the examples here and feel free to inquire about how we can build one of our BBQ Safes for your dream outdoor kitchen.

For pricing and other options on the BBQ Safe, please visit: PITMAKER BBQ SAFE!
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