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Custom BBQ Trailer Examples

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Pitmaker has made all kinds of BBQ Pits and BBQ Trailers. We are a true metal fabrication company, with Plasma, Notcher, Punch, Press-brake, Rolling, and Welding capabilities. We would be happy to quote any type of bbq pit or trailer that you might want made. Below are brief descriptions of the three custom BBQ trailer galleries at the right. These grills have been seen on nationally televised TV shows including: "Epic: BBQ Pits" (on Destination America for the Pistol Trailer), BBQ Pitmasters (also on Destination America for the Diet Mt. Dew Trailer), and "Grills Gone Wilder" (airing on the Travel Channel for the BBQ Train trailer). MEDIA LINK

One of our latest custom BBQ Trailer projects is the Transforming Oil Rig Trailer that we did in conjunction with Vantage Trailers for their customer at Bridger Group. It features a custom install of an all stainless steel BBQ Vault, 48" Grill-Meister, two 55" TVS, Satellite, QSC DJ Sound System, Generator, and a custom sink. You can see the build and reveal at one of their company BBQ Parties in the video below:

One of our more notable examples of a custom trailer is the BBQ Train Trailer that you see here. Our friend, Mike owns a company that sells train parts. He is also Head Cook of the M.I.B. Competition BBQ Cooking team. When Mike wanted a custom BBQ Trailer to look like a train, he came to us. This particular smoker is a "pipe" style pit. We do have extensive experience making great versions of this style of smoker made from oilfield pipe, but we feel our designs for the Sniper and BBQ Vault are superior. However, to get that old-timey "look" of a steam engine, we went with the "old timey" construction method of using a steel pipe to construct a smoker, the results of which you see here. To this we added the special touch of a solid stainless steel firebox for extreme durability. We also did an extensive tuner plate system for better heat distribution, as well as six fully flanged access doors for working the smoker from either side of the cooking chamber! We then mounted a working train horn and train bell, both of which are extremely loud, for fun!

The second example we have here is a custom Pistol Smoker Trailer built for Woody's Smokehouse in Centerville, TX. The Woody's group loves to tailgate like us, at every team home game. They wanted something Iconic that could represent their Texas themed company and their love of tailgating with the Houston Texans! What better than a custom six-gun Smoker Trailer! We added a TV, an All Stainless Adjustable Charcoal Grill, a hidden Honda 3000 Generator mount, and numerous other features to this awesome Western-themed trailer, including a hand-pinstriped and logo'd BBQ Safe made to emulate an old-timey Wells Fargo stagecoach era safe! Check it out at the gallery above right!

The last example in the photos at right, was for special marketing by the Diet Mt Dew NASCAR Team, and Dale Earnhardt Jr., their official NASCAR driver. We built a custom 7-1/2' tall solid steel "Can" that we hand-painted and then put vinyl cut graphics onto to match that real "can" look. This houses a solid stainless steel version of our BBQ Vault Smoker, with custom LED back-lighting. We then spot-lit the outside of the Dew Can with LED floods from the base to light up at night. There is custom LED under-lighting and graphics, a on-demand electric pump sink, a 48" solid stainless Grill-Meister with custom signage, and a hidden vented Honda 3000 to power everything and the TV w/Bose sound system! We even used the official "Aero" wheels found on number Dale's #88 NASCAR race car! More details can be seen at right. You can see this trailer premiering on BBQ Pitmasters with special appearance by Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Sunday June 30th, 2013 in an episode entitled "Race to the Finish"!

Check out this nighttime walk around of the Diet Dew Trailer!

Here is a video on the custom Woody's Smokehouse trailer as well. Enjoy!

Whether it is BBQ trailer that looks like Train, Pistol, giant seven and a half foot tall custom steel beverage Can, or something else even more crazy, Pitmaker has the know-how and experience to make you the King of the Grill in your neighborhood or in your business! Contact us for custom BBQ Trailer and BBQ pit quotes.
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