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The Founders of Pitmaker have built all types of BBQ Pits and BBQ Trailers, from pipe pits to smokehouses. Through this knowledge and experience, we have created new BBQ Grill and BBQ Smoker designs that we feel are cutting edge and and more durable than anything on the market.

The company Pitmaker was founded to pursue true "BBQ Innovation", taking the cumulative knowledge and experience from a combined 30 years in the BBQ Pit industry as well as our love for competition BBQ cooking to bring truly superior products to market in every way. Here at Pitmaker, we have a dedicated passion and philosophy of bringing the best BBQ Pits to the consumer by virtue of applied technology, innovation, and craftsmanship. We create tried and true designs that have been developed from doing competition BBQ cooking ourselves, and from our experience and innovations from the metal fabrication industry.

They say that when you choose to work in the area that you love and have a passion for what you do, that you will be successful. This, we believe. All anyone has to do is take a close, hard look at our products and compare them to anyone in the industry. Apples to apples, from the quality of materials that we use--to the dedicated labor-intensive craftsmanship that goes into our bbq pits and bbq trailers, you will see we have a passion and love for what we do. Everyone takes pride in their work here at Pitmaker. And it shows.

The founders and owners of Pitmaker, Julio Howard, Victor Howard, and George Shore, (our primary designers) love to cook BBQ and smoke meat and we have paid our dues in this arena. Please feel free to check out our winnings and (mis)adventures in our Pitmaker Event Photo links, and social media below. We tailgate and/or compete in competition BBQ Cook-offs at least half of the weekends out of the 52 in the year.

If you are here in Houston or local, we invite you to come and see the BBQ Pits and trailers in action at our next competition cook-off. You can check our event calendar to attend and you can see for yourself how amazing our products work. Also, please take a closer look at our company and products and keep track of our going-ons through our company Facebook page, the Pitmaker YouTube Channel, and our Instagram page. Here we've demonstrated and documented our products in action, as well as some behind the scenes looks on the craftsmanship and the "labor of love" work that goes into making a Pitmaker BBQ Grill or Smoker.

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